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Richard Armitage - About legs... again ;D

About Richard's legs length... again. When was Fanstravaganza 2012, I was making some calculations, but there is hard to find good photo and result is not so very objective. Here is photo where all equations can be better. First results You can read HERE.


I chose length to hip (the longer version), place where legs are ending. Still I believe that RA has legs to heaven. ;D

Ok. Maybe Richard trying to be smaller on this photo and Ian McKellen taller, but the best is that, they are staying together a little above whole group. The perspective is better, than to make equitatin from Martin Freeman's height. So... If we know height of Ian McKellen, we can know height of Richard on this photo and length of his legs. Of course we can made it shorter way, only by Ian's height, but better make it accurately.

Ian McKellen high is 5'11'' = 180,34 cm. On this photo he have 23,3 cm
Richard's height is as we know ;D 6'2'' and a half = 189,23 cm.
So we can now made equation.
x (RA height on this photo) =189,23(RA height in real) * 23,2 (Ian height on this photo) / 180,34 (Ian height in real) = 24,35cm.
Richard's legs on this photo have 11,2 cm.
So we can made equitation for RA legs.
x (RA legs in real) = 189,23 (RA height in real) * 11,2 (RA legs on photo) / 24,35 (RA height on this photo) = 87 cm - 2'8''
Body ratio = 87 cm (RA legs) / 189,23 cm (RA high) * 100% = 46%

Still this isn't The End :)

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