sobota, 4 lutego 2012

Bits, Bites, Bums, Boobs

PhotobucketI'm resting and eating Polish apples: Red Jonaprice, sweet, from Biała Rawska (Polskie Sady site HERE). Mutants of Jonagold with high level of anthocyanin (HERE) Red Jonaprince was discovered in 1994, in Netherlands, in Weert by G.Princen. "An additional advantage is the excellent storage of the fruit and outstanding durability in the course of trade. Fruits due to the extremely strict, fine-grained flesh retain a long shelf life and attractive appearance. Tree naturally grows vigorously and forms a loose a spreading crown. Recommended for the production of dwarf rootstock." ;D
PhotobucketDwarf Fruit Tree HERE ;D
BTW Do You know about Thorin to plant? HERE

At last I have new wonderful books :) "Wives and daughters" by Elisabeth Gaskell and "Shirley" by Charlotte Bronte

PhotobucketSo -20C outside.
When is -10C is nice :) You only have to have:
T-shirt, polar fleece blouse, leggins and standard: boots, jeans, jacket, socks.
PhotobucketWhen is -15C You have to change T-shirt on something warm e.g. slim cotton blouse + polar
When is -20C You have to have all 3: T-shirt + slim cotton blouse + polar.
When is -25C You just have faith that this will end soon.

Outside You should use Lip Balm. This one is made by Warpaint Cosmetics London and of course is peach. (Warpaint ???) In home You can make cozy mood by using Cedar Touch, I should say Cedar Flame - Cedar and Orange and Cinnamon home perfume. These are my fav from Pachnąca Szafa HERE

Try to read more books e.g. maybe some from J.G. Ballard? ;D RA is talking about him in one of his interviews before Robin Hood Audiobooks. I have "Rushing to Paradise", "Kingdom Come", "Hello America", "High-Rise". I hadn't time to read this author before. I was much more focused on Huxley and Bradbury.

PhotobucketStill being the woman I remembered about new earrings. These green are my project :) Made by very nice lady in shop with parts to jewelry. The others which look oriental are for practice my ears wear something heavier.:)

PhotobucketI just found this DVD - LOTR behind the scenes, not watching yet :) Waiting for something like this with The Hobbit :)

And something hot for this cold day :) There are many versions of this song but this one is very close to orginal.

Tito Nieves - I like it like that

Broken Myth for boys and girls: boobs 75C not exist.
Not Myth: Girls like boys' bums.

6 komentarzy:

Joanna pisze...

WTF!? :D

Jonia's cut pisze...

About what? :)

Joanna pisze...

It's nothing Jonia,sorry! Just the title of this post amused me,greatly! :D
BTW thanks for Tito de Nieves.:)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Oh ;D Zawsze mnie też zastanawia jak angielskojęzyczni odbierają takie językowe dziwactwa ;D

Joanna pisze...

A co nas to...kochana Joniu!( ale masz rację byłoby fajnie wiedzieć )

Jonia's cut pisze...

A jakoś tak mnie to ciekawi, takie dziwne językowe smaczki. Podobno Niemcy nie potrafią wyartykułować angielskiego słówka oznaczającego wiewiórkę. :)

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