środa, 22 maja 2013

Richard Armitage in Spooks S8 - 3 new bigger promo photos

Richard Armitage in Spooks Season 8 -
3 new promo photos

3 photos in size 2500 to download in zip HERE

P.S. In new home already. My computer is still packed. Posting from my bro laptop.

4 komentarze:

Ania pisze...

Hmmm piękny jest ten Lucas wśród ( wiosennej, jak sądzę) zieleni. Dzięki Joniu :*


Servetus pisze...

YUM! Thank you!

Glad to hear your move is at least partway done. Hope things continue to go well.

Faboamanto pisze...

Oh Jonia - thank you. Lucas is so beautiful.

I moved not long ago, and I know how crazy it can be. Enjoy your new home.

Phyllys Faves pisze...

I am so glad you are back-- and your pictures are so worth waiting for!! Thanks so much. :)
Big hug from me!

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