piątek, 28 września 2012

Richard Armitage optical illusion 2

Hello. I was a little away from my blog. That was hard time at work. I was preparing very important presentation on big conference. Well that were 3 presentations, because when I was ending one, someone from management said that this is not what they were expecting in essential way. So I made another one. Other person from management said that still this wasn't what should be in presentation. So I made third presentation mixing informations from first and second. And this was very good. AT LAST! But 3 weeks I was making nothing more, but presentations. At last I have a little time for myself. And I'm sorry for some delay in other things. Another Optical illusion with Richard. Clicke to enlarge, for better effect. Enjoy :) 


2 komentarze:

phylly3 pisze...

This is really great! I love it! But I can't remember the first one... You should link to it. Please?

phylly3 pisze...

Oh, and I should have said... glad you're back! :)

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