wtorek, 3 stycznia 2012

SALE!!! SALE!!! SALE!!! + my DVD with Captain America

There is time when in almost all shops are sales. So I just was looking today for some interesting things. The point is that when I'm in the city all shops with clothes are closed, and only these with books are open.
So my new books in very good prices :)
PhotobucketPhotobucketThis one with orange top has title "Heavy Norwids". How to describe this book? This one is about classical and most famous Polish literature. What we can say about classical literature? That is mostly boring and incomprehensible. So this book is some kind of guide book: "How to read classical literature and how to feel why this literature is so great". I had in plans to buy this earlier but price: almost 60zł was too big. Now I bought it for 9zł :) Cyprian Kamil Norwid was polish poet and his works are really heavy. About Norwid more HERE
Second one "Warsaw death ring, 1939-1944" by Władysław Bartoszewski is about WW2 in Warsaw. Big book in great price from 59zł to 10zł.
PhotobucketThird "The Dangerous Liaisons" from book series where was e.g. Villette, Jane Eyre, A Room with a View and other wonderful books, but I hadn't this one. Price from 40zł to 6zł :)
And "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" :) from 35zł to 13zł :)

New/Old From Heyer :) Black Sheep, False Colours, Frederica, Cousin Kate.

And wonderful to have BBC series Emma from 2009 :)

And at last I have my own copy of Captain America on DVD :)


Not much about Richard :/ But I was watching scenes with Richard with comments by director Joe Johnston, operator Shelly Johnson and editor Jeffrey Ford.

And they are wonderful :) And guys are really enjoy these scenes


This one is interesting. Yes He is able to kill every woman not only grandma. ;D


When is this moment, there aren't comments, at all. They just watching this scene. That means something :)



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Anonimowy pisze...

Captain america is also released here right now - think I am going down to my local store and get my copy today :-)
Funny comments about RA taking the part!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Alfie :) I hope that You have it already and enjoy Richard in these amazing scenes :)

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